5 Alternatives of Root Canal Therapy

5 Alternatives of Root Canal Therapy

March 1, 2022

Root canal therapy, called endodontic treatment, is a dental treatment for eliminating infection from within a tooth. It can secure the tooth from future infection. The treatment tends to be lengthy and costly. Depending on the person, the root canal process can be intensely painful.

That is why many individuals look for alternatives. A root canal is ideal for people with a toothache, dental rot, or a sensitive tooth. The endodontist is a pro expert at performing conventional root canals and alternative therapies.

What Is a Root Canal Treatment?

A tooth comprises a crown and roots. The Crown is mainly over the gum, while the Roots are underneath it. The Root connects to the jawbone of the tooth.

In some cases, a root canal is the best treatment choice. ​The procedure involves treating and fixing a tooth that has become rot or infected. A dentist in Daphne, AL performs many root canals each year.

The expert suggests this treatment when you have:

  • A cracked, harmed or chipped tooth because of injury.
  • Gum disease.
  • Tooth decay-promoting infection or inflammation of gums.
  • Other dental treatments on a similar tooth.

5 Alternatives to Root Canal Treatment

Here are the alternatives of Root Canal Therapy:

Direct Pulp Capping

Pulp capping is a simple alternative to a root canal. For pulp capping to be successful, you need to meet some criteria, for example, minimal pulp openness, no abscess, the injury to the tooth must be fresh, and pulp capping does not deal with a dead tooth.

A dental specialist might advise a direct pulp capping technique to prevent separating the tooth or turning up a root canal. This alternative Root Canal Therapy strategy is done when there is serious tooth harm or decay on the teeth. The cap seals off and shields this region from microscopic organisms that can cause infection when left untreated.

Indirect Pulp Capping

It is a method that saves a rotted or damaged tooth that does not have any uncovered pulp. The dental specialist treats it and secures the dentin by utilizing a defensive covering. Besides this, the dental specialist may even eliminate rotted dentin and leave the rot close to the pulp.


A pulpotomy is a dental therapy where the dental professional eliminates pulp tissue in the tooth. It is done when the pulp is not covered. It is like direct pulp covering, that happens because of tooth rot or harm.

A pulpotomy jams the tooth root canal and nerves when there are any signs of infection or irreversible harm to the pulp. For this situation, a pulpectomy or extraction is essential.

Calcium Hydroxide

This endodontic treatment approach is like treating the root cavity with ozone gas. In this method, the root canal is watered with calcium hydroxide to kill microbes and eliminate infected tissues inside tooth canals. It is not prescribed because of the concentration of toxic mixtures in the gas.

Natural Remedies

It’s always a good idea to follow a healthy lifestyle. Many natural remedies can help in healing dental infections via diet. It includes consuming high-end protein, removing all processed sugars from the diet, etc.


A dental specialist suggests extraction in cases of extreme harm to the teeth or irreversible tooth rot. For the most part, the dental specialist does extractions when the root canal appears to be inefficient. A few extractions are straightforward, and we can get them at a dental specialist office.

But, in a few cases, an oral specialist does extractions. After a tooth is eliminated by extraction, other methods for managing it incorporate dental implants, dental bridges, etc.

We advise you to understand the advantages of saving one tooth with Root Canal Therapy. If you are not willing for Root Canal Therapy, it is the last step you must take.

Explore Endodontics Near You Today

Root Canal Therapy is a common dental procedure performed to save an infected tooth.

It is also safe. But there are a few risks and side effects associated that prompt patients to stay away from endodontic treatment.

That is why today, many people are now watching for alternatives to root canal treatment. If you want more data on alternatives to root canals, contact endodontic specialists at Milestone Family Dentistry today!

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