Fluoride Treatment: What Are the Before and After Care Instructions?

Fluoride Treatment: What Are the Before and After Care Instructions?

September 1, 2022

Tooth decay is prevalent among kids and adults and is the primary cause of tooth loss. Dentists recommend various preventive treatments to combat decay and dental cavities. Fluoride treatment near you is one of the options available to prevent and rectify this problem. Continue reading about fluoride treatments and the pre and post-treatment instructions.

What Are Fluoride Treatments?

Fluoride is a mineral found in foods, soil, and water that benefits teeth. It is added to toothpaste and mouth rinses to strengthen teeth and prevent caries. The mineral rebuilds the tooth enamel, inhibits plaque growth, and reverses caries.

However, fluoride concentration in foods, tap water, toothpaste, and mouthwash is very little. Therefore, it is inadequate in cavity prevention and tooth decay treatment. Thus, the dentist will administer a fluoride treatment to supplement your daily amount.

Fluoride treatments ensure you have a better chance of preventing decay. The fluoride used by the dentist is more concentrated yet safe and effective. Your dentist may opt to administer the fluoride as a varnish, gel, or foam. They may paint it directly on teeth or put fluoride gel in dental trays, which you wear over teeth for a few minutes.

Alternatively, the dentist may prescribe fluoride tablets or mouth rinses for their patients. These are used at home under the dentist’s or manufacturer’s instructions. Fluoride supplements are used according to an individual’s age, oral health needs, and systemic fluoride intake.

Children and adults need fluoride treatments every six months. But, you may have them more frequently if you are at high risk of cavities. Our dentist in Daphne, AL, will evaluate your teeth to determine how often you should have the treatments.

Preparing for Fluoride Treatments

The procedure for administering topical fluoride is straightforward. It does not require much preparation. If you are going to a dentist for fluoride treatment near you, ensure you clean your mouth properly. Floss and brush your teeth properly to remove food debris immediately before your appointment.

Individuals using fluoride supplements should read the instructions properly before using them. Ensure you follow the directions carefully to avoid overexposure to fluoride. Also, clean your teeth properly before using the treatments.

Dental professionals recommend using fluoride supplements before bed. This way, they are less likely to be rinsed away or swallowed with food or beverages. Therefore, you will achieve better results. Consult your dentist before using any store-bought fluoride supplements.

Fluoride Treatment Aftercare Instructions

The dentist in Daphne, AL, will give you instructions after your fluoride treatment. These ensure that the fluoride penetrates the enamel completely to achieve the desired results. They include:

  1. After a fluoride treatment, do not drink or eat for approximately 30-60 minutes. The fluoride is still on your teeth and may cause nausea if swallowed together with your food or drink. In addition, it will not have been absorbed fully into your teeth.
  2. If your dentist used a paint-on fluoride varnish, it remains on your teeth for 4-6 hours. Therefore, you should not brush or floss your teeth until later.
  3. Avoid smoking immediately after your fluoride treatment. The process increases the risk of dental staining since the tooth pores are open to absorb fluoride.
  4. You can eat 30 minutes after the procedure but consume only soft foods for the next two hours. Avoid hard, crunchy foods for at least six hours after the fluoride application.
  5. Do not use prescription fluoride supplements for the next three days post-treatment. This is because excess fluoride can be harmful to your teeth and may cause a stomach upset.
  6. Brush and floss your teeth thoroughly once the recommended waiting period is over. Do this to eliminate any remaining fluoride from the teeth, so you do not swallow it.
  7. Do not take alcohol or rinse your mouth with a mouth wash containing alcohol immediately after treatment. Wait for about six hours since the alcohol will interfere with the treatment.
  8. Avoid extremely hot or cold foods and drinks a few hours after treatment. Your teeth may be more sensitive to extreme temperatures for the next six hours. In addition, stay away from consuming acidic things to achieve the desired results.

Fluoride treatments are beneficial to adults and kids and everyone should consider getting them. Contact us at Milestone Family Dentistry for professional fluoride treatments.