Dental Fillings

Fillings in Daphne, AL

Dental fillings are now easier and more effectively used than ever thanks to modern dental practices. We have the technology, tools, and specialized staff at Milestone Family Dentistry to perform dental fillings in Daphne, AL. If you are in need of a dentist near you then give us a call today! Dr. Miriam Perdomo is an experienced local dentist who has a friendly and caring approach to providing care.

What is a Filling?

Tooth decay tunnels down into the tissue of the teeth in what is called a dental cavity. Dental cavities are usually caused by infrequent brushing and poor dental hygiene, but some people are also more genetically predisposed to getting frequent cavities. Even if you take amazing care of your teeth there is a chance that you may one day get a cavity.

Dental fillings involve using a metal or composite material to “fill” the cavity. The composite material bonds with the teeth. Fillings are the best way to preserve the natural teeth which have been affected by tooth decay. Milestone Family Dentistry performs fillings near you from our specialized staff members at an affordable price. We accept most major insurances.

How Fillings Work:

  • The dentist completely numbs the area with anesthesia.
  • The dentist removes the tooth decay and damaged portion of the tooth.
  • Composite material is used to fill the gap from the missing tooth.
  • The dentist then hardens the composite to the teeth for a permanent bond.
  • Enjoy a pain-free and cavity-free set of teeth again!

Tooth-Colored Fillings vs. Silver Fillings

Modern patients prefer tooth-colored fillings. Some old metal fillings have mercury within them which is why patients sometimes opt to replace their old silver fillings with tooth-colored ones. The composite material used for tooth-colored fillings looks better and performs better than metal fillings. Our dentist in Daphne, AL is highly experienced with performing dental fillings.

Benefits of Tooth-Colored Fillings:

  • Looks more natural
  • Safer
  • Faster

If you are in need of fillings in Daphne, AL then call our dentist near you today. Dr. Miriam Perdomo welcomes you to reach out any time you have a dental problem. We want to make sure that your smile stays bright and beautiful for years to come. Regular dental cleanings and exams can be the best way to prevent cavities and tooth decay, so make sure that you are visiting a dentist near you on a regular basis to prevent cavities.

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