Endodontics in Daphne, AL

The most common endodontic therapy near you is root canal treatment. Your Daphne, AL dentist may recommend a root canal if you are suffering from a pulp infection. There are many reasons why infection can reach the center of a tooth. Frequently, problems arise when bacteria are allowed to thrive. A broken or chipped tooth or an untreated cavity can lead to a pulp infection. Without medical attention, the inner soft tissue becomes inflamed. As a result, an abscess may form. So, if you believe you may need a root canal, please call Milestone Family Dentistry today.

Root Canal Therapy Near You

Endodontic care is successful only if no trace of infection or bacteria is left behind. Dr. Miriam Perdomo must remove the entire contents of the pulp chamber. While root canal treatment may appear to be an invasive procedure, it is much like filling a cavity. Once your Daphne, AL dentist clears away the infection, the area is then filled and sealed. Dr. Miriam Perdomo will determine if a crown or filling is needed to complete the process.

You might need to schedule several visits to Milestone Family Dentistry to restore the tooth entirely. It all depends on the severity of the pulp infection. So, expect a minimum of two appointments. Keep in mind, the success rate of endodontic therapies is very high. After root canal treatment, your natural tooth remains in place and your smile preserved.

Dental trauma or injury can also lead to endodontic care to save the tooth. A heavy hit to the mouth can cause pulp damage. If this happens to a developing tooth, the root may stop growing. Fortunately, there are several ways that your dentist in Daphne, AL can restore an injured or avulsed tooth. Root canal therapy can help.

Signs of an Inner Pulp Infection

Are you experiencing swollen lymph nodes or extreme tooth sensitivity to temperatures or touch? If so, please contact us right away to schedule a visit. All of these symptoms can be indicative of an inner tooth infection. Sometimes there are no signs of trouble, but Dr. Miriam Perdomo may find the diseased pulp during a routine exam. That is just one more reason why regular dentist visits are essential.

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