Exams & Cleanings

Exams & Cleanings in Daphne, AL

Milestone Family Dentistry welcomes you to come into our clean and modern dental office for a regular exam & cleaning twice a year. It is recommended to get your teeth cleaned twice a year for multiple reasons. During a semi-annual exam Dr. Miriam Perdomo will thoroughly clean the teeth and evaluate their health. Any tooth decay or other problems will be assessed during the exam and a plan of treatment will be made. Dr. Miriam Perdomo will partner with the patient to create a personalized treatment plan that works for them.

Affordable Dental Exams & Cleanings in Daphne, AL

Most dental insurances cover at least one cleaning a year. Take advantage of your dental plan and make sure to schedule regular cleaning appointments. Why are cleaning and exams so important? They can save you tons of money in future dental bills (and save you from a toothache), by giving the dentist an opportunity to assess the health of the teeth and identify problems before they worsen.

Cavities and tooth decay can get out of control when left untreated, leading to a possible loss of the teeth. At Milestone Family Dentistry we aim to preserve as much of the natural teeth as possible. Our dentist near you provides a comprehensive range of dental services including emergency dentistry, dental exams & cleanings, and restorative dentistry (crowns, bridges, etc).

Schedule Dental Exams & Cleanings Near You

Our dental office has all of the latest technologies and tools for modern dentistry. During our exam we can use digital X-rays and other innovative technology to get a better look at your teeth. If you need a dentist in Daphne, AL, then Milestone Family Dentistry is here to help. We are currently accepting new patients. Give us a call today to schedule a dental exam & cleaning.

Here is what to expect when you come in for a cleaning and exam:

  • Call to make an appointment with our friendly staff.
  • Bring your insurance information/card with you to the appointment.
  • Bring your ID card with you to the appointment.
  • Arrive 15 minutes early to fill out any additional paperwork.
  • The dentist will thoroughly clean your teeth.
  • Next they will check for tooth decay, oral cancer, gum disease, and any other dental problems.
  • We will develop a personalized care plan for you.


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