Extractions in Daphne, AL

At Milestone Family Dentistry we aim to preserve as much of the natural teeth as possible, but in some cases a tooth extraction is necessary. Dr. Miriam Perdomo welcomes you to make an appointment for extractions near you today. Our modern dental office has the tools and specialized staff to take care of all of your dental needs including tooth extraction.

When Extractions Are Necessary

The main reason why people need to get teeth extracted is because of tooth decay. Gum disease is also a big reason why people lose their teeth. Dr. Miriam Perdomo is an experienced local dentist who will partner with you to create a treatment plan for your damaged teeth, including replacing the extracted tooth with a crown or bridge.

Wisdom teeth are commonly extracted when a person is young, but the exact age can vary. No matter what age you are, if wisdom teeth become impacted it will be very painful and require an immediate extraction. Getting a tooth pulled is not as scary as it may sound. We use anesthesia and modern innovative tools to make the procedure as pain-free as possible. Dr. Miriam Perdomo will help you to feel comfortable and at ease for your extraction appointment.

Dentist Near You For Extractions in Daphne, AL

Milestone Family Dentistry provides tooth extraction and other dental services at an affordable price in a comfortable setting. If you need a dentist in Daphne, AL then we encourage you to give us a call. We are available for treating new patients and we accept most major insurances. You do not have to suffer from a broken or decaying tooth, come into the office for a tooth extraction.

Here is what to expect at a tooth extraction appointment with Dr. Miriam Perdomo:

  • At the initial consultation, the dentist will assess the condition of the tooth/teeth and create a treatment plan with you.
  • If the tooth is causing the patient severe pain, it may be necessary to perform the extraction on the same day as the consultation.
  • The dentist will use anesthesia (we offer sedation dentistry) to completely numb the tooth and gums so that you feel no pain.
  • After the patient is sedated and anesthesia has taken affect the dentist will get to work removing the tooth.
  • Once the tooth is extracted, the dentist can use dental implants, crowns, and bridges to fix the gap in the teeth.


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