Lip Fillers


One of the biggest trends in cosmetic procedures this year is lip fillers. There are a lot of reasons why you should trust a dentist to perform your lip fillers for you. Lip fillers and lip augmentation procedures have become increasingly popular because of celebrities like the Jenner/Kardashians. While you might not want as dramatic of an effect as they’re photographed with, getting PRP lip augmentation can help add natural volume to thin or small lips and smooth out wrinkles in the lips. At Milestone Family Dentistry, we are dedicated to the beauty and functionality of your smile. We do not stop at your teeth. We also offer lip fillers!

Our modern dental practice has a friendly staff with specialized training and innovative modern dental technologies at our disposal to be your go-to for all your family dentistry and cosmetic dentistry needs. If you are interested in getting lip fillers in Daphne, AL, then call Milestone Family Dentistry today to make a consultation appointment with Dr. Miriam Perdomo.

What Are Lip Fillers?

Dermal fillers are safe injections that can plump up the lips and is a non-invasive procedures that offer full and smooth looking lips. Typically, lip fillers use Hyaluronic Acid (often referred to as HA lip fillers). In addition to medical spas, you can also get lip fillers done at our dentist near you. Dr. Miriam Perdomo is the go-to dentist in Daphne, AL, for lip fillers. Our dentist has completed specialized training for providing fillers.

Lip fillers are safe and last approximately 6-12 months. They can be completely dissolved if you decide that you no longer want them.

What to Expect?

Lip fillers are a relatively pain-free procedure that can be done in one appointment. The lips can get thinner as you age, and lip fillers are an inexpensive solution that lasts longer than other lip plumping techniques such as plumping lip gloss or a lip plumping device. Lip fillers can be used to plump up the lips, and additional dermal injections can be used to smooth out frown lines around the smile.

Lip Fillers Near You

Our dentist near you is conveniently located and has flexible appointment times available. If you are interested in lip fillers, then call today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Miriam Perdomo. Dermal filler can significantly improve the plumpness of the lips and also be used to smooth out wrinkles around the mouth.

Our family dentistry practice in Daphne, AL, can help you become more confident in your smile by providing you with safe and effective cosmetic dentistry procedures

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