Why Are Partial Dentures Still a Reliable Choice?

Why Are Partial Dentures Still a Reliable Choice?

January 1, 2023

If you have one or several missing teeth in your mouth, you have three options for replacing them. Dental implants, a fixed dental bridge, or removable partial dentures are also options. All of these options can assist you in regaining normal speaking and chewing abilities, preventing tooth movement, and improving the appearance of your smile.
Partial dentures near you may be a good option as a long-term or temporary replacement, depending on your specific circumstances. This article will look at the five benefits of partial dentures that make them a more reliable choice.

  • 1. Low-Cost Dental Services

Your requirements will be unique, determining your dental treatment’s overall cost. On the other hand, partial dentures are an extremely low-cost option for all customers. In addition, they are also one of the most affordable options for replacing three or more missing teeth.

The cost of partial dentures is different depending on the type. Plastic ones, for example, will be less expensive than metal ones. However, the number of teeth that need to be replaced will also raise the overall cost.

The cost of partial dentures is also affected by where they are placed in your mouth. Add to this the potential cost of dental care before and after the partial dentures are created. Upper partial dentures with a resin base may be started as a general rule. Upper partial dentures with a resin base may begin at around $1200, while metal bases and resin saddles on upper dentures begin at about $1685.

  • 2. Non-Invasive Procedures

A denture fitting is used in partial solutions. These are clasps or precision attachments. While they may be visible sometimes, this does not imply that you must undergo any major, invasive procedures.

Precision attachments will cost more than clasps. This is because they require a lot more labor in their manufacture and creation, each bespoke and built by dentists. They can be attached to existing teeth or dental implants.

Clasps are formed from a metal circle and attached to adjacent teeth. When you smile, the metal will be visible in certain areas of your mouth.

  • 3. Longevity

Partial denture options are extremely long-lasting. However, they are not always the most convenient option. This is done to ensure that they will last and have solid foundations. When damaged or decaying teeth are extracted, it is not always possible to place partial dentures on top of them. Instead, a temporary solution will be implemented in their place.

You will have another consultation after your gums have healed for about six months. Your dentist in Daphne, AL, can then create permanent partial dentures.

  • 4. Denture Material Selection

Depending on your dental work, you can choose two main materials for your partial dentures. These are cobalt and chromium-based plastic resins or metals. Larger ones may even use titanium, which has previously caused reactions in a very small number of patients.

Dentures made of plastic or polymer have several advantages. Because they are not made of metal, they appear more appealing. They are simple to construct and repair and are extremely lightweight.

  • 5. Easy Choices

Several factors will be considered by the dentist when creating your partial dentures. This can include your mouth’s palate, its shape, the teeth you still have, and the overall appearance you desire. You will, however, have a few simple options to choose from. The one thing to think about is your budget. Fortunately, great partial dentures can be made for a very low cost. Costs can be determined during a consultation with one of our specialists.

Another consideration is the desired appearance. Because partial dentures will need to be attached, you must decide whether you mind people seeing a metal clip Acrylic and precision attachments may provide the best cosmetic appearance, but they are more expensive. Finally, do you have any food allergies? Allergies to metals or acrylics may limit the type of partial dentures you can wear.

If you are looking for a dentistry offering dentures near you, visit Milestone Family Dentistry. They have all types of dentures available, including partial and full dentures. We also have other types of dental restorations according to your preference.